The Association Profile​

The Association of Banks in Israel was founded in 1959 as an overseeing organization for all commercial, mortgage and investment banks. Established by members of the banking sector, the association’s goal is to promote effective dialogue with legislative branches, as well as public and private institutions, regarding all matters of banking. Its members include the Israeli Bank Groups, independent banks and foreign banks operating in Israel. Following the merging and acquisition of banking institutions, the official list of association members was revised and to date it is comprised of a total of 12 banks, including three foreign banks with branches in Israel (Citibank, HSBC and Barclays).

Operating as non-profit organization, the association’s key objective is to assist in the promotion of banking matters. Activities focus upon regulatory and economic areas as well as legal representation in dealing with government agencies, the Knesset, the Bank of Israel, the Stock Exchange Authority, the Anti-trust Authority and others. In addition, the association provides consumer education through the distribution of relevant information and conducts routine research projects on various banking issues.

Activities in the field of regulations are related to the various types of governmental statutes and directives that affect the banking system, such as proposed laws, statutes, ordinances, court orders and other regulations with direct implications on banking operations. The association represents banking positions on a variety of subjects, initiates activities related to these areas and also conducts legal hearings on matters that are relevant to the operations of the banking system.

Along with its involvement in legislative and regulatory matters, the association also presents the positions of the banking sector to the media and to public opinion factors, as well as informing the public. Among other avenues, information is channeled by means of the association’s website with its routine updates regarding pertinent matters related to banking in Israel. The association’s two publications also contribute to the public’s knowledge and awareness of the banking scene: “The Banking Quarterly”, dealing with the research and analysis of various economic issues related to financial markets, and “Banking”, focusing on pertinent issues from the world of banking and capital markets. This magazine is intended for government and regulatory executives as well as for the heads of the banking and business community. In addition, the association organizes congresses and conferences dealing with banking and capital markets.

Research activities conducted by the association include economic opinions, analysis of banking trends, international comparisons, the publishing of routine surveys in the field of banking and more. Among its many activities, the association also represents the Israeli Banking System in dealing with relevant institutions abroad by maintaining contacts with foreign banking associations as well as with regulatory institutions.

The Association of Banks in Israel believes that the promotion of the banking sector’s interests eventually contributes to the entire population of consumers of banking services in Israel. In its essence, the association focuses on an overall array of subjects that are not necessary financial in nature, as financial activities are clearly the matters of each individual bank.

The General Assembly, comprised of representatives from each of the member banks, serves as the association’s highest institution. As a rule, the General Assembly meets once a year, although certain situations can necessitate the calling of a special meeting. Activities are outlined by the Executive Committee, a forum comprised of the Heads of most of the commercial banks and the Chair of the sector of banks operating in the field of mortgages. The professional staff of the association operates within a framework of three departments of expertise that coordinate the main areas of activities: The Legal Consultation, Regulatory and Legislative Department; The Research Department; and the External Affairs and Public Relations Department.

The Management

Moshe Vidman - President of the Association of Banks in Israel

Moshe Vidman is the Chairman of the Board of Directors (BoD) at Mizrahi Tefahot Bank Ltd., a position he has held since December 2012. Preceding that, Mr. Vidman has held various executive positions in Israel, including: CEO of Revlon (Israel), Chairman of the BoD of Africa-Israel Hotels, Member of the BoD of ICL Group. In the past, Mr. Vidman had also held various positions with the Government of Israel. His last public office was as the First Deputy Accountant General. He holds an M.B.A degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Avi Levi | Phot: Israel Hadari

Born in Israel, 1966. Holds an MBA with a specialization in Finance from Bar-Ilan University and a BA in Economics from Tel Aviv University. He joined Discount Group in 2011 and has held senior management positions in the bank, including Head of Risk Management Division and Head of Client Assets Division. In his most recent role, he served as Head of the Banking Division. Before joining Discount Group, Levi held various senior positions at Bank Hapoalim, including managing Hapoalim UK and senior roles in the Corporate Division.

Eitan Madmon - CEO of the Association of Banks in Israel

Born in Israel (1967); Holds a degree in Economics and Accounting from Tel Aviv University. Among his former positions: CEO of “Globes” newspaper from 2006 to 2017; CFO of “Globes” for 7 years; Madmon also lectures at the School of Economics at the College of Management

Livnat Kupershtein-Dash, Adv. – General Counsel

Gali Caspari – Director, Research Department

Tibi Rabinovici – Director, External Relations & Public Affairs Department